And The Vote Is In…

November 18, 2013:

I waited until after the vote before creating a new masthead (pictured below) because I had to hold out some hope that something would change. But it didn’t and now we must move on.


For those who aren’t yet aware, the Muncie Community School Board this evening has voted to consolidate Muncie Southside High School and Muncie Central High School as well as create a junior high school out of the Southside building.

There are a myriad of decisions and plans that will transpire over the next few months and I am sure I will eventually give my opinion. But for now, I have decided to use the site to preserve the Muncie Southside heritage as much as possible. began in 1999 as my way of proclaiming my school pride when the Muncie South Boys Basketball team reached the state finals for the first time in history. It continued proclaiming that pride in 2001 when the basketball team reached the state finals for the second time and brought home the first championship trophy. Since then, I’ve updated it (not nearly as much as I would like) with various Southside items. Most recently, we used the site to publicize the successful All Class Reunion in August 2013.

As a start to preserving the Rebel heritage, I would like to collect, scan and publish a copy of each year’s graduation program. If you have one and would be willing to allow me to scan it, please either use the contact page or leave a comment on this post. I hope to have a majority found and posted before the end of the year!

Secondly, I would like to have suggestions from our visitors as to what you feel would help to preserve our heritage in years to come. Again, please use the contact page or leave a comment here.

In my mind, this will always be considered a bad day in Rebel history; however, for the sake of the children’s education, I hope that the Board puts together the best plan possible.


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