As Summer will be upon us before we know it, this post will be dedicated to assisting Class Reunions. We want to help publicize any class reunions that are already in the planning stages and facilitate creating any committees to plan those that are not.

Sending us information is as easy as leaving a comment on this post at the bottom. Comments do not post without being approved so your message will not be public unless you are leaving a comment intended for all readers.

For classes already planning their fifth, tenth, fifteenth or beyond class reunion, please send us the details. This is regardless of whether the reunion will be held in 2016 or later. Let us know who is responsible on your committee for providing publicity and how we can contact them, preferably their email address, in case we need further details.

When we receive information, a new individual post will be created for your class as well as updating this post with where to find that information.

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